Three Ways For a Designer Product to be Accepted By The Market

In order for designers to make a living, it is not enough to just have a good design. But the designer product needs to reach the commercial marketplace and to be sold globally. Then, recognition from the respective designer products can obtained by getting valuable awards or to be ultimately sold out of stock. Upon receiving such appreciation or recognition, the designer can then be able to create better... Read More

OCIC and The Lessons Learnt to Be Bold and Brave

The obstacle for any young designer in creating a particular design is not only based on technical ability, but also about the need to have mental strength and confidence. This was the kind of experience, felt by Miladi Muhammad or commonly called Emil as one of the OCIC (Open Call Indonesia Creation) 2019 participant. “Sometimes when the design is completed but may not be ready to be submitted for the... Read More

Stay Active, Productive, and Creative During the Pandemic

The Corona Pandemic is not over yet, the world is still fighting to beat the virus. The governments in most countries have strict regulations to make people to just stay at home. Therefore, most of us must do all the activities from home (this includes work, school, etc). Working from home or studying from home for most students do not produce the same effect on everyone. Some of us might... Read More

Design is Not Only About Ideas, But Function and Comfort Are as important.

Selendang Chair is a design that made Aldi to become the winner of OCIC 2019. This unique furniture design was inspired by observing the flow of a shawl or a scarf – this is an Indonesian fashion accessory. Not only as an accessory, a scarf is also functional for example to hold a baby. "The idea is that if someone sits in a Shawl Chair, they will feel as comfortable... Read More

Old Buildings in Europe; Depositors of Stories and Foreign Exchange Earners

A new way of life to stay creative at home continues because the number of infected Covid-19 has not decrease. Abbasource keeps updating and also encourage creative people to continue to be innovative through their designs. Wednesday, May 6, 2020, Abbasource held an IG Live streaming session, featuring Indra Febriansyah, Architectural Restoration alumni, Universita Degli Studi di Roma 3, Italy with Titik Kartitiani, journalist and editor at "As I... Read More

Abbasource Bedroom Makeover Package with a very Affordable Price

Abbasource continues to be creative with quality products at affordable prices and we recently launch a bedroom package. Realistically, it is possible to make a quality product with an affordable price. How can we make a product with low price? Basically, Abbasource has a wide network of vendors who are able to design and produce goods efficiently, therefore reducing the cost price. Thus, how can Abbasource help to makeover your... Read More

Indonesian Handmade Products, What Are The Opportunities for The Global Markets?

When people ask what are Indonesia's strengths in furniture?  The common answer from designers as well as furniture business owners  - it is in the craftmanship.  Diana Nazir an interior designer attests that the Indonesian handmade and craftmanship market respectively are still wide open. "Indonesia is rich in woven shapes, carved shapes, as well as clay pottery," he said. Not only Diana, Baskoro Junianto, curator and design lecturer also said... Read More

Wealth of Weaving in the Ngaben Ceremony in Bali

Weaving for Indonesia has been a part of life since ancient times. Not only those recorded in the history, but also the traditions that can still be seen today. There is a variety of weaving wealth that is part of the death ceremony in Bali, Ngaben or Palebon. Weaving comes in a variety of forms, from functional weaving such as food containers and offerings to symbolic weaving. Abbasource documents various... Read More

The Chair with the Concept of Love

Miladi Muhammad is one of the young designer who won the competition Open Call Indonesia Creation (OCIC) 2019. With his chair design known as “Tresna”, he succeeded to bring his design creation to the biggest furniture fair in the world; Salone del Mobile in Milan Italy. “Abbasource was established to assist young designer to develop their talent and market their products globally," explained a guy commonly known as Emil. He... Read More

CoWorking Space Answering Millennial and Creative Industry Need

The way people work has changed over the years. Previously, people used to go to work everyday to the same office in the specific of time. But in this young generation, they seem prefer to work in an open space area where they can explore their creativity with more flexible time. Especially to the Millennial generation, they are perfectly suited to choose non-traditional career journeys and explore entrepreneurship while staying... Read More

How To Keep Your House Clean To Avoid The Virus

The coronavirus known as COVID-19 found in the end of 2019 is becoming a global pandemic as announce by World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11, 2020. The disease has been spreading almost all over the world within short period of time. Many countries declare state of emergency and decided to lockdown their respective countries to prevent the Corona virus from growing widely. People are forced to stay at home... Read More

Story From Marangoni: Its the time for Designers to Collaborate and not to Compete with each other

Zulyo Kumara, one of the winner of Open Call Indonesia Creation (OCIC) 2019, recently told Abbasource about his journey from the short course at the Instituto Marangoni, Milano. Previously, Zulyo's product design has passed the stringent curation process to take part in the Salone del Mobile 2018. Then he went on to join the selection held by CASA to be given an opportunity to study at the Instituto Marangoni. "I... Read More

OCIC Bringing Millennial Indonesia Designers To The Global Market

Millennials are known for being creative, innovative and even futuristic work. The future of Indonesian design is in the millennial and the younger generation. In creating a specific design, they have a capacity for unlimited imagination and energy. However, to make a product sellable in the marketplace, the millennials do not have access to a distribution channel or business network. Abbasource was established to build an ecosystem with the purpose... Read More

Social Enterprise, A Presenting Furniture Business Model

Era 4.0 is a challenge for players in the furniture industry.  As consumer behavior changes, there is a need to have creative business people ranging from designers, makers, to distributors to explore even further their creativity. Therefore it is extremely critical that the furniture industry also have to evolve. "We must involve the society as a whole," said Baskoro Junianto a designer, curator and also lecturer. Baskoro gives an overview... Read More

Rattan Flexibility

Rattan, hearing this material, most Indonesians consider to be something old and out of date, not suitable for current designs. Therefore, this material is rarely used for premium products. But lately, that reality has turned around. Indonesia's opportunity to be able to compete with global markets is to see the potential and uniqueness of Indonesia, especially in terms of material wealth. Millennial designers start doing this, one of them is... Read More

Millennial Furniture Trend Expect in 2020

In 2020, the world population, especially those who living in urban areas would prefer to live in smaller homes. Increasingly the price of the land, making them (especially millennials) build houses with a more limited number of rooms. Some places or formal rooms seem to be missing from modern homes nowadays. Existing rooms will be made more functional in order to save land and house construction costs. With limited land... Read More

January Could Be The Best Time To Purchase New Furniture

Whether you just bought a house or you are trying to renovate an old one, furniture shopping can be intense. And depending on what you’re looking for, it can also be expensive. If you are on a budget, your best bet is to begin looking for a new couch or dresser when it’s on sale. If you’re not sure when to start shopping, we’ll tell you the best time to buy furniture. At... Read More

Batik Indonesia World Heritage

There is nowhere in the world where the art of batik has been developed to the highest standards as in the island of Java in Indonesia. It is not known when the batik was first made but the traditional skills were particularly developed over hundreds of years in Central Java around Yogyakarta and Solo under the patronage of the Sultan and his court. All the raw materials for the process... Read More

Millennial Potential in Creative Industries

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are the demographic cohort following generation X and preceding generation Z. Researchers and popular media use the early 1980s as starting birth years and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years, with 1981 to 1996, is considered a Millenial. The term Millennials is usually considered to apply to individuals who reached adulthood around the turn of the 21st century. Millennials have come... Read More

Rattan is Indonesia‘s Potential Hidden Gem Industry

Nobody really thinks much about rattan or its potential.  Most of the time, rattan is known as a secondary raw materiral in the furniture industry.  Materials such as wood, bamboo and others are more preferred than ratten in furniture production. As such, not many people are aware that rattan can actually be extensively used for furniture making.  When rattan are cut into sections and put together, these rattan can be... Read More

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