Covid-19 Virus Can be Attached Through Packages

The Covid-19 pandemic isn’t over yet, so we must continue to implement health protocols. Beginning from disciplining ourselves, such as wearing masks, washing hands, and implementing safe distancing.  We should also anticipate the spread of the virus through the objects we touch. We also need to pay extra attention to packages of goods and food that we receive through couriers. Online shopping has been one of the important solutions to... Read More

Scandinavian Style Furniture, Addressing the Needs of a Small House

Millennials currently are the biggest customers in the furniture industry. Most millennials like something practical and this includes the way they purchase furniture. Practical in terms of addressing the function of the small space that they live in.  The furniture chosen should not take up much space because most millennials live in apartments or small houses. Scandinavian-style furniture is definitely suitable to address the needs of the millennials. This style... Read More

Redesigning the Office to Overcome Covid-19

Starting July 2021, it turns out that we are faced with a continuous increase in the Covid-19 numbers. For more than a year, Indonesia is at war with the pandemic. Most offices have already implemented WFH (Work from Home) except for some essential public services office. Covid-19 brought changes in many aspects in our lives, including the redesigning of office spaces due to distancing requirements. For offices that do not... Read More

Tips on Making Cut Roses Last a longer time

The rose is usually known as the Queen of Flower because of its beauty. Roses are also frequently symbolise as an expression of love so at most weddings, roses are made into various forms of flower arrangements.  On the contrary, roses are also presented during mourning as a board flower or decoration. When you get a bunch of roses from someone special, do you want them to last and not... Read More

Tips for Presenting Contemporary Nusantara Culture

The adaptation of Nusantara culture is one way of preserving the Indonesian culture. Why does it need to be preserved? There are many reasons and it includes having an identity so that we know our “roots”, it can also be for survivors from an economical standpoint. “Roots” or identity is needed not only as a symbol but also as a national value. These values will guide the nation when facing... Read More

Getting to know the Rattan, an Environmentally Friendly Furniture Material

Indonesia is renowned as a rattan producer that supplies to the world’s rattan industry. According to the records of the Ministry of Industry, Indonesia supplies 80% of the world’s rattan needs. Rattan producing areas are Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Papua with the potential for Indonesian rattan production of around 622.000 tons/year. Rattan is a furniture material like wood but it is environmentally friendly because planting rattan does not destroy the forest.... Read More

Real Lavender vs Fake Lavender Plant

There are many online stores that offer lavender as a mosquito repellent plant. Did you know that not all lavender that is available is actually lavender which is meant to be a mosquito repellent plant? If you are not careful and do not pay attention to the details, you will only get plants that are similar to the real lavender plant. Lavender (Lavandula spp.) is a genus of shrubs that... Read More

Turi Solo House, Hotel Built from Ruins of the Yogyakarta Earthquake

For some travelers, staying at a hotel is a journey in itself. Choosing a hotel that has a narrative is part of the excitement in a trip. The Turi house, a boutique hotel in Solo, provides a unique narrative indeed. This lush hotel with tropical gardens was built from used materials from other buildings, including the rubble of the buildings from the 2005 Yogyakarta earthquake. The hotel, which was built... Read More

The History of Jengki Chair, a design inspired by Bung Karno’s Resistance to the Colonial

This short chair actually has many names. Starting with Jengki Chair, Sedan Chair,Bemo Chair to Becak Chair. Each of them indeed has a story. Called Jengki Chair or Njengki, according to Bambang Kartono, a practitioner in Jepara said that Jengki comes from the word “Yankee”. In this context, Yankee is popular in the 1950s to the 1960s when Bung Karno proclaimed Indonesia’s resistance to the United States. The chants of... Read More

Tips to Visit a Design Exhibition

It sounds simple and easy to do.  In fact, it is as simple as visiting a design exhibition. What is really difficult about it? In reality, It turns out to be not as simple when we have a target to search for a particular product (it is not about just shopping). Moreover, if it is an International exhibition, we may not have much time to explore because it may... Read More

Tips for Organizing a Comfortable, Space-Saving, and Cost-Effective Bedroom

A bed that is comfortable, cool, and meets the needs of its users does not have to be expensive. There's a quality product with affordable prices. Is it possible to get it? Absolutely. Millennials in the creative field who are not married or newly married and who are in need of a comfortable bedroom (ie. up to date and functional design) at an affordable price. The followings are some tips... Read More

Are Books and Magazines Still relevant to the Generation Z?

When everything turns into a digital platform, the most  affected medium will be printed books and printed media (newspapers and magazines). Are they still in demand today? Generation Z (the generation born between 1997-2012) is certainly more familiar with e-books and online media than with printed media. The gen Z will view this medium as being more practical. Indeed the trend now has caused many books and mass media to... Read More

Tips to Makeover a Room with a Designer Touch

During the Covid-19 pandemic, staying at home is an option to protect yourself from the virus. In order not to get bored with the house atmosphere, a makeover or simply changing the interior layout can be part of a solution. Andie, a landscaper and interior designer at X-Otic Garden, Bandung, gave us some tips on how to makeover a space to provide a new design and make the layout... Read More

Scam Selling Orchid Seeds via Online

If someone sells orchid seeds in sachets, you must be extremely wary. Especially in packs of 100 seeds for example. Orchid seeds really look like dust, so how are you able to count that it is really up to 100 seeds? Recently, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many people returned to their hobby of caring for plants. As a result, the plant business shot up. Almost everyone offer plants, especially... Read More

Brebes Shallots Inspired Christina Avida to Make Chair Designs

Christina Avida, a student at Binus Malang, East Java has a family favorite habit which is to consume red onions.  This gave her the idea to  apply this habit to her design inspiration. The idea of ​​onion-coated tubers inspired the creation of the Bima Set. This design made her the winner of the OCIC (Open Call Indonesia Creation) 2020 for Binus Malang Chapter. “My family likes to eat shallots, my... Read More

Tongkonan Chair, Inspired by The Toraja (West Sulawesi) Traditional House

Indonesia’s vast environment provides unlimited design references for designers who are willing to explore. The traditional building architecture is one of the most inspiring reference. Arif Zainudin, a product designer who lives in Solo, Central Java, presents a traditional Toraja house as a chair. "The Tongkonan chair that I design was inspired by the traditional Toraja house building, Tongkonan," said Arif. He admired the material and the strength of its... Read More

Welcoming Labuan Bajo Premium Destination

If you have the opportunity to visit Labuan Bajo at this time, you would be able to see the extraordinary development efforts made by the government to prepare it to become a premium tourist destination. The government is building-wide sidewalks that are fancier than Jakarta, complete with palm trees that will rival Florida's palms. This development is a program of our President, who set Labuan Bajo as a super-priority destination... Read More

Three Women who Learn to Weave

In 1987, 3 women departed from Watu Panggal Village to attend training by the Government Agency (it has not been confirmed that there was the Dinas of the Ministry or Ministry at that time). I imagined how difficult it was to go to the city that year. Our journey was in 2020 with 4 WD and it was still difficult to reach this village. The three women left for some... Read More

Strong Women from Watu Panggal, NTT (East Nusa Tenggara)

Dear: Indonesian Creative People A new chapter begins as we welcome the year 2021, Abbasource presents a series of writings which include 3 editions written by Mr. Josua Simanjuntak, Expert Officer to the Minister for Innovation and Creativity at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. He met many women who are important craftsmen in Watu Panggal Village, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province. From the story of Mr. Joshua's... Read More

Tips for Caring for Cactus and Succulents

 “Add a little plant in your room and the atmosphere will be very different. A tiny plant is able to changes the atmosphere,” said Lucia Raras Purwaningrum, a florist and chairman of the Indonesian Flower Arranging Association (IPBI) when visiting Abbasource's studio, February 2020. But unfortunately, not all of us have enough space for fresh indoor plants. Likewise, not everyone has much time to take care of them. Well, here... Read More

Florists, Interior Designers, and Farmers Need Collaboration So They Are Not Mispercepted

Floriculture is a big business. Data submitted by KADIN (Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) 2020, the value of world ornamental plant trade in 2019 amounted to USD 85.9 billion, 55% came from floriculture, 35% woody plants, and 10% other types. Its global retail market value of USD 22.39 billion exceeds that of tea and coffee. Meanwhile, Indonesia's export value was in the 51th of USD17,761,000 with a share of... Read More

Tresna Chair, There is Love in a Chair

Every details including the webbing and the curves are made with love. Also the colors, black and gold are the colors of the Javanese wedding dress that inspired this designer to create the Tresna Chair. "Tresna from the Javanese word means love. Therefore, the shape is actually a combination of a pair of chairs that become intertwine as one, ”said Miladi Muhammad (Emil), designer of the Tresna Chair. Emil was... Read More

Do Indoor Plants Have to Be Expensive?

At the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, which made many people stay at home, it turned out to be a benefit for plants seller, especially indoor plants. Their income increase drastically. Many people who use to grow plants as a hobby, now make their hobby into a small business. Most of them do not have a large yard, so plant in pots and even indoor plants is the best... Read More

Branding Strategy: A City Can Be Added Value For Creative Products

When buying creative products, consumers not only buy quality goods but also buy the imaginations and the stories in each product. “Why are people so proud when they buy clothes from Paris? This is because people imagine Paris on the clothes they buy, ”said Christophe D. Thomson, an alumnus of ESSEC, France when speaking at IG Live @ Abba.source, early September. Chris is a creative business practitioner, not only in... Read More

Working Safely During this Pandemic, By Redesigning Your Office

Social distancing at work allows us to limit the spread of COVID-19 while also safely resuming new-normal business practices. As offices and businesses reopen, social distancing measures may help avoid COVID-19 surges. Just as important as a physical plan for re-entry, modified guidelines for company policies and operational process must also be considered. Considerations may include: seating approach, clean desk policies, remote work policies, staffing rotation systems, meeting cadence and... Read More

Neutral or Colourful Living Room, Which One Do You Prefer?

To set up a new living room may require a long process. You may need to plan it very well before you start to create or makeover a room. Before deciding to buy the furniture for your living room, have you chosen the colour scheme? The colour schemes will be brimming with character and style, a little colour in a room can reflect the personality of the owner. It can... Read More

Three Ways For a Designer Product to be Accepted By The Market

In order for designers to make a living, it is not enough to just have a good design. But the designer product needs to reach the commercial marketplace and to be sold globally. Then, recognition from the respective designer products can obtained by getting valuable awards or to be ultimately sold out of stock. Upon receiving such appreciation or recognition, the designer can then be able to create better... Read More

OCIC and The Lessons Learnt to Be Bold and Brave

The obstacle for any young designer in creating a particular design is not only based on technical ability, but also about the need to have mental strength and confidence. This was the kind of experience, felt by Miladi Muhammad or commonly called Emil as one of the OCIC (Open Call Indonesia Creation) 2019 participant. “Sometimes when the design is completed but may not be ready to be submitted for the... Read More

Stay Active, Productive, and Creative During the Pandemic

The Corona Pandemic is not over yet, the world is still fighting to beat the virus. The governments in most countries have strict regulations to make people to just stay at home. Therefore, most of us must do all the activities from home (this includes work, school, etc). Working from home or studying from home for most students do not produce the same effect on everyone. Some of us might... Read More

Design is Not Only About Ideas, But Function and Comfort Are as important.

Selendang Chair is a design that made Aldi to become the winner of OCIC 2019. This unique furniture design was inspired by observing the flow of a shawl or a scarf – this is an Indonesian fashion accessory. Not only as an accessory, a scarf is also functional for example to hold a baby. "The idea is that if someone sits in a Shawl Chair, they will feel as comfortable... Read More

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