A great product comes along with great stories behind it. The background of respective stories add some meaning to each product. Starting from the designer’s idea, the skill of a particular maker up to how the product is being presented and used by ultimately a customer.

Abbasource is the company where Indonesia designers and makers join together to explore their creativities to produce good quality product. Our final goals to bring Indonesia furniture to the global market.


To be the most wanted ecosystem for creative individuals and companies to start and grow their businesses.

From Indonesia to The World.


To provide creative individuals and companies with access to the world market, connect the creativity to the commercial networks continually.



Why Join – Membership Benefits

Our membership comprises individuals  from a wide range of background, from professional designer to maker (producer) working across all aspects of good quality design and product.

As soon as you become a member, you will start receiving membership benefits in the form of events alerts.

But our membership isn’t just about engaging events. Our goal is to introduce Indonesia designer quality product with affordable price to the global market.


A. Designer

Furniture designers are proficient in designing and creating something unique. This includes taking into consideration both functionality and styling. If you are a furniture designer and planning to realize your design to ultimately become a product, Why not join us as a member?

We will make your design into a final product through our platform of approved manufacturers and experienced curators.

B. Maker

The level of expertise in a furniture maker is normally reflected from the result of products that he makes. If you are a capable maker and can produce good quality product but you don’t have any design ideas, we welcome you to be our partner. We have a team of designers who have created some great designs for the international markets and we are ready to explore the possibility of making these designs with you.

Do join us as a valued member and we will together export finished designer furniture to the world.

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