Scandinavian Style Furniture, Addressing the Needs of a Small House

Millennials currently are the biggest customers in the furniture industry. Most millennials like something practical and this includes the way they purchase furniture. Practical in terms of addressing the function of the small space that they live in.  The furniture chosen should not take up much space because most millennials live in apartments or small houses.

Scandinavian-style furniture is definitely suitable to address the needs of the millennials. This style began its trend after the 1947 edition of the Triennale di Milano. Italy did indeed bring a big influence on world furniture design even though this Scandinavian style was inspired mainly by Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland).

Design concepts like the Scandinavian way of life are practical. They prefer practicality over luxury. Also, they prefer function over many motifs and carvings. At first glance, the Scandinavian design looks simple but it can indeed be elegant.

Lucca chair by Abbasource
Photography by Abbasource
Location: Tanah Tingal, South Tangerang

The color palette chosen is neutral colors such as beige, gray, white, and colors that are close to these colors. The lines of the furniture are clean and clear. For example, a sofa will display the lines of the shape of the sofa without any decoration that interferes with the lines of the sofa. Even the wood on the legs will stand out as a single unit to take its form.

The materials used are mainly of natural materials, for example, using wood instead of plywood. These natural materials are more durable and long-lasting. In Indonesia, teak is a material that is widely used to make Scandinavian-style furniture. Such design and make ultimately result in a piece of durable furniture that can even be used for generations. However, if you get tired of looking at the same design, you can actually trade in such furniture. Abbasource provides a trade-in service for old furniture in exchange for new ones. So there is nothing that is thrown away and thus this also makes us environmentally conscious.

In addition to wood, other materials are used such as cloth to make the products comfortable. For example, on the sofa, the fabric is also made in neutral colors. If the wood is finished with a bright color, then the fabric chosen is in a darker color or vice versa. The fabrics used are also plain and with minimal patterns. The motif is usually not a pattern but a texture that does not interfere with the lines of the furniture.

Larry table by Abbasource
Photography by Abbasource
Location Tanah Tingal, Tangerang Selatan
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