Covid-19 Virus Can be Attached Through Packages

The Covid-19 pandemic isn’t over yet, so we must continue to implement health protocols. Beginning from disciplining ourselves, such as wearing masks, washing hands, and implementing safe distancing.  We should also anticipate the spread of the virus through the objects we touch. We also need to pay extra attention to packages of goods and food that we receive through couriers.

Online shopping has been one of the important solutions to meet our daily needs during this pandemic. We can just order through our phone app, then the goods will ultimately arrive at our home via a courier. This packet usually travels through distances and is probably handled by many individuals and as a result, it is very likely to carry a virus.

Small table made of wood and metal
Photography by Abbasource

In order to be safe when receiving the package, we have to take the following steps:

Don’t accept it right away

Avoid receiving direct packages whenever possible. Give instructions/announcements to the courier to put the package in the place that we provide and this should be marked so that it is easy to read.

Prepare a special place

We can prepare a special place for the package. For example, on the terrace of the house, we provide a small table to put the package. Try not to expose it to rain and it also should be safe from any interference. Especially for food packages, make sure they are free from any possible contaminations.

Allow at least 24 hours

If the package is not a package that must be opened immediately, then leaving at least 24 hours will make it safer.  It is known that if the virus is in a dry state without a medium, the virus is likely to disappear.

Spray with disinfectant

Before touching the package, spray the surface of the package with a disinfectant. You can spray evenly over the entire surface of the package, especially the areas that you will be touching.

Open the outer wrapper

After spraying. Open the wrapper. If possible, unwrap this package outdoors. After opening the package, throw it in the trash and don’t bring it into the house.

Wash your hands with soap

After opening the package, wash your hands immediately with soap.

These measures will minimize the spread of the virus through items sent by couriers. The table where the packages are placed may appear in many forms, besides being functional, it can also be an interesting interior element. You can choose a table made of solid wood with a simple design. Or it could be a combination of wood and metal with an elegant design.

Cheers, stay healthy!

A small table made of solid wood
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