Tips on Making Cut Roses Last a longer time

The rose is usually known as the Queen of Flower because of its beauty. Roses are also frequently symbolise as an expression of love so at most weddings, roses are made into various forms of flower arrangements.  On the contrary, roses are also presented during mourning as a board flower or decoration.

When you get a bunch of roses from someone special, do you want them to last and not wilt? How to do it?

The freshness of roses after cutting (vase life of cut roses) is influenced by several factors. Firstly, it depends on the species of roses. Breeders, especially in rose-producing countries such as the Netherlands, have produced hybrid roses that have a long vase life of up to 14 days. While roses, in general, can only last 4-7 days.

The fresh roses
Photograph by Abbasource

In addition to the varieties, when it comes to picking the rose, it may also affect the durability of flowers. Picking at the right time in terms of the age will extend the vase life of the flowers. Research from various nurseries have shown picking the flowers at the right time is imperative.

All of the above factors are important in the cultivation of the rose. If we have roses present for selection, then we should consider these following tips:

Selection of flowers. When you choose flowers at a florist, make sure the flowers you choose are fresh. Sometimes we buy flowers in bundles that are lined with paper. Naughty traders often slip damaged flowers in the middle so that they are not visible. You have to be careful when choosing. Don’t be tempted by prices alone.

Characteristics of a good flower will reveal that the outermost flower crown looks fresh and not brownish. The Flowers must also look fresh. When it comes to aroma, cut flowers sometimes don’t have a strong aroma. Therefore, the scent is not a measure of the freshness of flowers.

Place it in a vase filled with water. Water will make the flowers always fresh. Or if you want to arrange a rose flower arrangement with a certain shape, you can plug a floral foam flower stalk that has been soaked in water. The floral foam gives you the flexibility to arrange the flowers.

Spray. Flower arrangements often use a special spray for flower arrangements. This spray functions to cover the surface of the flowers/leaves to prevent evaporation of water so that the flowers will last. You can buy this flower spray at a store that provides flower arrangement tools.

Pick the damaged crown. After more than a day, sometimes there are flower crowns that turn brown. Clean this crown so that the flower nutrients are concentrated for the crown that is still good condition.

Cut the ends of the stalks daily. To maximize water absorption, trim the ends of the flower stalks daily with a sharp knife. Cut 1cm long at an angle so that the surface of the water absorption is wider.

Place it in a cool place. An AC room will prolong the vase life of roses compared to a non-air-conditioned room. In addition, avoid exposure to direct sunlight which will make the flowers wither quickly.

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