Are Books and Magazines Still relevant to the Generation Z?

When everything turns into a digital platform, the most  affected medium will be printed books and printed media (newspapers and magazines). Are they still in demand today?

Generation Z (the generation born between 1997-2012) is certainly more familiar with e-books and online media than with printed media. The gen Z will view this medium as being more practical. Indeed the trend now has caused many books and mass media to be migrated from print to digital.  Such digital media is also more accessible and cheaper.

A survey from Nielsen Consumer & Media View said that television, internet, and radio are the main media they use up to today. The average teenager spends more than two hours on the internet (2hours 29minutes to be precise). During the pandemic, internet consumption is certainly getting higher. Therefore, what will happen to the printed media and books?

“For me, books are irreplaceable. Even though I have a Kindle, I will definitely stop by a bookstore everywhere I visit,” said Rifki in Yogyakarta. Rifki was born in 1998 and completed his Master’s education in Sweden. He still loves printed books and printed magazines.

For book and magazine lovers, there is something that is irreplaceable when groping these printed medium. The smell of paper when turning the pages is something that they can’t find in digital platform media or books.

Koba Magazine Rack Design by Vincent Masella

In addition, the excitement of going to a bookstore is irreplaceable. Walking around the bookstore and seeing the books that are displayed on the store shelves is a sensation in itself.  Buying the books online, will not give you this sentimental experience.

One more thing, books and magazines can be displayed as interior elements. It doesn’t have to be read, but its presence gives a different atmosphere. For some people, it will give the impression that the room looks smarter. Otherwise, it can also remind us to love books that gives us the basic knowledge.

The need of the magazines indoors inspired Vincentius Aldi Masella, Abbasource designer to design the Koba Magazine Rack. This metal-framed Sungkai wooden shelf makes the room more elegant. The high-quality synthetic leather makes this shelf a perfect match with a variety of other furniture.

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