A Gift for Bontang City From Siti Nadhila Amalia in OCIC 2020

“I want Bontang City to be well known by more people. If anyone is familiar with it, the city is not only known as an industrial city but also for its creative industry,” said Siti Nadhila Amalia, winner of the 2020 OCIC (Open Call Indonesia Creation).

Those were the words that has always be lingering on Ina’s mind (known also by her nick name INA).  Ina is currently studying in Jakarta. Every time she mention her hometown, most people still don’t know where Bontang City is though it is actually located at East Kalimantan. Even if someone knows about the city, it is because there is a huge fertilizer factory known as Pupuk Kaltim. In fact, Bontang is not just an industrial city but it also has a vibrant creative industry. Ina is examplary of that as she was the one who created a lampshade design that won the OCIC 2020.  Ina gave it a name and it is known as Ardiedae Lamp

This elegant foldable lampshade design captivated the judges for its uniqueness.  It actually resembles the wings of the bird – Ardiedae Lamp was inspired by the wings of the silver egret (Ardea intermedia), the mascot of Bontang City.

Siti Nadhila Amalia, OCIC 2020 Winner
Photo by Abbasource

“I have seen it once, in the mangrove forest in Bontang City. The movement of the bird folding its wings is what that inspired me in making lampshades, ”said Ina. Ina wants to introduce to the public, this rare bird species, through her work. Ina really likes the design of the lamp. This interest led her to enter the Product Design Department of Trisakti University.

A different appearance when the lampshade is in the bloom form and while folded makes the light disperse a different light form, resulting in giving a different ambience to a room. Fluorescent lights can also give a different result from the use of this same lamp.

The materials used are wood and cloth respectively. According to Ina, she has taken into account the ingredients that are easily available so that it is possible to mass produce them one day. The hope is that this design work can be marketed throughout Indonesia and even the world in the very near future.

In the process of turning ideas into designs, the challenge is to create a folding and opening mechanism seamlessly. The lampshade is also flexible and can be placed as a table lamp or a pendant lamp. After trying many attempts, Ina finally found the right technique and she submitted it for the OCIC 2020 competition.

“After submitting my design, I never really considered that I would end up a winner? And surprising I was considered as one of the winners. Moreover, the lamp will be displayed at the Milan exhibition and it is with this hope that Ina wished that Bontang City will be known to the world.

OCIC is Abbasource’s annual program to attract young Indonesian talents in designing products, especially interior products and accessories. Abbasource answers the challenge for designers who do not yet have a factory network to produce their designs and do not have a national or global marketing network. The hope is that designers will have more time to be creative rather than to invest their time in business or other required activities.

Ardiedae Lamp design by Siti Nadhila Amalia
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