Working Safely During this Pandemic, By Redesigning Your Office

Social distancing at work allows us to limit the spread of COVID-19 while also safely resuming new-normal business practices. As offices and businesses reopen, social distancing measures may help avoid COVID-19 surges.

Just as important as a physical plan for re-entry, modified guidelines for company policies and operational process must also be considered. Considerations may include: seating approach, clean desk policies, remote work policies, staffing rotation systems, meeting cadence and etiquette, IT/infrastructure needs, and more.

Social distancing and wearing a mask are practices recommended to all of us when we are in public places, including at workplace. For instance, a table that once could fit 8 people may now have to accommodate only 3 while the other 5 employees could work from home via video conferencing.

To adjust to the pandemic situation, you might need to future-proof our environments with the use of adaptable furniture, careful selection of finished materials so that it will be easy to sanitize and be antimicrobial proof.  This new office environment may also incorporate some 21st-century appliances with technology that limit touching and make office spaces more efficient.

The way we work has to change, and unconventional office spaces with unique floor plans can help brand the respective companies, encourage employees to think outside the box and present new profitable opportunities. As employees become more and more comfortable with flexible work and social distancing, they will also get familiar with this new office environment. They perhaps may prefer unconventional workspaces and floor plans that keep them safer and healthier.

The likely reality is that we will eventually return to a collective workplace, but one that has changed beyond what we could have previously imagined. In the now-transformed future office environment, the fundamental question will not be about which trends are on the rise or wane, but how to balance seemingly conflicting criteria in a way that is acceptable to everyone.

Design Ideas: Sensible strategies include practicing physical distancing, like moving desks apart and removing chairs, adding
barriers, enhancing cleaning and safety measures, as well as supporting those who are working from home longer.

Additionally, businesses may add “workstation enclosures” like transparent plastic or glass screening panels that can protect
employees but still allow them to see one another and interact. Abbasource will help you to redesign your office. Contact us for further information.

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