Neutral or Colourful Living Room, Which One Do You Prefer?

To set up a new living room may require a long process. You may need to plan it very well before you start to create or makeover a room. Before deciding to buy the furniture for your living room, have you chosen the colour scheme?

The colour schemes will be brimming with character and style, a little colour in a room can reflect the personality of the owner. It can also lift up your mood and bring much comfort.

Living room serve different purposes for different people, depending on the function. In some homes, they use it as the main gathering area for the family, while for others they are barely being used, only when there is a guess present.

Back to the colour scheme topic, which one do you prefer for your living room, a neutral or a colourful one?

Neutral colour schemes can be used for a range of interiors looks and will be easy to live with. Neutrals such as beige, ivory, black, grey, and shades of white appear to be without colour.  But you can mix it with colour from accessories, rugs, or cushion. Keep it simple and choose calm colour so it wouldn’t be too contrasting.

If you don’t want to use colour at all and keep the room as neutral as possible, you can try to enhance the room by using a textured or a patterned material. You can add the texture or pattern from the fabric of sofa that you choose. It can make a big difference for your room and bring much warmth and interest to the room.

Adding colour to a living room can instantly change both the look and feel of the area of your home. Differences in colours will give different meaning and energy to the room. For example, vibrant shades will create positive mood, muted colours can bring calm to the spaces, and others.

For a colourful theme it can be a challenging combination, whether to go light or bright? To add a colour for your living room, you don’t need to repaint the entire walls. You can actually use coloured curtains, cushion, rugs or fabric for the sofa and it will make a difference without having too much effort.

The colourful living room area can be a good idea to create a bright and cheerful living space. The room will help you to energize and entertain everyone, leaving them feeling blissful and content. With the right styling and colour combination, you can get trendy styles with the colouring that you prefer.

After you choose the colour schemes that you want to use, you can start to look for the desired furniture. Abbasource can be of service to you to choose items for your living room area with products ranging from sofa, coffee table, side table to accessories. For sofa and other seating products, you can choose and customize the fabric colour based on your respective style. So don’t hesitate to buy our products
because we aim to make your living room dream come true.


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