Three Ways For a Designer Product to be Accepted By The Market

In order for designers to make a living, it is not enough to just have a good design. But the designer product needs to reach the commercial marketplace and to be sold globally. Then, recognition from the respective designer products can obtained by getting valuable awards or to be ultimately sold out of stock. Upon receiving such appreciation or recognition, the designer can then be able to create better designworks continuously.

To market a particular designer product, Tri Pratiwi Handayani said that there needs to be a distinct marketing strategy before the designer product can be ready. There are 3 important things that need to be considered in designing a product.

“The designer product must be able to address or solve an exsisting problem,” said Tri, a graduate of Delft University of Technology, Netherland’s Strategic Product Design Master. Design is not only a matter of beauty or aesthetically pleasing to the eye, because the creative work of designers is not a pure art that only holds the principle of beauty. The design must become the solution for a particular  problem. When it becomes a problem solver, people will need it.

“The designers can actually dictate the market direction,” Tri added. It’s means, creating a new requirement so that people need their respective design solutions.  Designers who can create a need must have a tremendous foresight. Next, such designers need to become visionaries of respective design solutions. If they already have a prediction of respective requirements, then the designer can make products that can easily be marketted globally.

A great example, 10 years ago people could live without a smartphone. Life can go on without the use of a smartphone.  Subsequently, the manufacturers design smart phone products and effectively “teach” the audience about the use of these devices.  These days, people cannot get the smartphone off theirs hand.  From this example, we can see that the mobile phone designers have done indepth researched and know that consumers need such gadgets.  Thus, they have been successful in directing the market and today people cannot live without a mobile phone in their hands.

The third thing is about the target market or  positioning. This is also important and it will become an integral part of a designer’s mindset when they begin to design a product.  They need to have an understanding of product especially to know to whom the respective products will be made for or the market segment that they are addressing. This positioning can be based on age, social class, profession, and others. Knowing the target market will provide guidance on the design characteristics, materials, color palettes, finishing, up to the packaging.

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