Soft Launching SOTO by Abbasource, Taste the Flavours of Five Cities

Recently, SOTO by Abbasource,had a soft opening on 22 June 2020, with the theme – Taste the Flavours of Five Cities.

Abbasource opened a new concept of SOTO, located on Epicentrum Walk, Ground Floor, Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said, South Jakarta. SOTO by Abbasource recently opened (via soft opening) with a promotion for customers, namely buy two get one free.

Many have asked if Abbasource is in furniture, craft and interior? Why suddenly open a soto shop? In fact, it wasn’t suddenly, Abbasource does not only engaged in furniture, crafts, and interiors. Abbasource has built Indonesia’s creative ecosystem to bring the work of the nation’s creativities to the world. The Abbasource’s creative ecosystem consists of four main pillars with the first pillar being of interior, furniture, and decorative items. The second pillar is in the form of fashion, jewelery, leather good and accessories. Next, the third pillar with be food and its by products, and finally the fourth pillar is in the area of technology.

Food Cuisine is indeed a creative work of the respective nation, especially with the various regional specialty. The cuisine in mind will include ingredients grown at a particular location combine with ancestral knowledge of herbs and flavours. The final product is a dish that is made with technical knowledge and comprehensive cooking procedures.

Specifically for soto, based on Abbasource’s market research, Indonesia has more than 122 soto types. SOTO by Abbasource intends to present 5 types of soto namely Soto Banjar, Soto Mie Bogor, Soto Kudus, Soto Betawi, and Soto Bandung. Each soto type has a characteristic that invites customers to taste the respective cities in Indonesia experience through a bowl of Soto that is soupy and warm with a touch of creativity.

Furthermore, with the tagline SOTO by Abbasource – “Taste of Indonesia”, Abbasource wants to bring Indonesian various unique flavours to the world.  The world must experience the special taste of Indonesia which is famous for its spices through a bowl of soto from various regions.

SOTO by Abbasource does not only want to serve food, but our intention is for customers to explore the riches of Indonesia through its diverse flavours. The SOTO by Abbasource will allow customers to taste the “flavours” of 5 cities in Indonesia.

Customers will also be pampered by the aroma of essential oils produced by the herbs and spices.  The SOTO is also pleasing to the eyes and customers can enjoy the freshness of the ingredients served, ranging from vegetables, seeds, and also some processed food in the soup.  Another interesting point to take note, this unique SOTO soup is inspired by Indonesian chefs who are experts in handling various Indonesian cuisine.

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