OCIC and The Lessons Learnt to Be Bold and Brave

The obstacle for any young designer in creating a particular design is not only based on technical ability, but also about the need to have mental strength and confidence. This was the kind of experience, felt by Miladi Muhammad or commonly called Emil as one of the OCIC (Open Call Indonesia Creation) 2019 participant.

“Sometimes when the design is completed but may not be ready to be submitted for the competition, I actually become less confident,” said Emil, a final year student of ISI (Indonesian Institute of The Arts) Surakarta. Emil’s friends also have the same kind of feeling and that is precisely reason for any student or young designer not having the confidence to join the competition.

For Emil, he had to uplift his confidence to join the OCIC, of course, he never expected to come out as one of the winners. The most important lesson that he learnt was to be confident. And indeed, it was a big surprise that Emil’s design was selected. Emil realized that he benefited much from becoming one of the winners.  Besides, having his product displayed in Salone del Mobile (the most prestigious design and interiors exhibition in the world) Emil learned a lot from the process of making the prototype and dealing with the respective manufacturers that Abbasource selected.

“There is also a mentoring session on how to refine his design so as to be acceptable commercially to the international markets. This is an important commercial step that allow us to acquire more viable knowledge beside just designing,” added Emil.

Winning designs are modified and refined so that they are suitable for production in factories and  commercially acceptable to target international markets. Abbasource also has a comprehensive factory network where the work of these young designers can be realized into respective prototypes. The respective factories which have special production experiences to make various custom designs. Therefore, each winner gets assigned to their own respective factory accordingly, customising to the designs that they have submitted to OCIC.

The consultation process and design refinement process were guided by mentors from Abbasource and HDMI (Indonesian Furniture Designers Association) respectively.  Much in-depth knowledge are required to provide all the necessary advice to the respective designers works without changing the basic character of a particular design.

“From this experience, I sincerely advice young designer to not be afraid to submit their respective designs to OCIC,” Emil added. In addition, to never stop learning and to continually work on making the designs.  Finally, to keep looking for opportunities and never feel inadequate respectively.

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