Stay Active, Productive, and Creative During the Pandemic

The Corona Pandemic is not over yet, the world is still fighting to beat the virus. The governments in most countries have strict regulations to make people to just stay at home. Therefore, most of us must do all the activities from home (this includes work, school, etc).

Working from home or studying from home for most students do not produce the same effect on everyone. Some of us might feel that it is less productive, difficulty in terms of coordinating, and includes being discipline to avoid the many distractions at home. However, there is nothing much that we can do except to adapt to this “new normal” stage of life.

To just stay at home for quite a long time, it is definitely challenging and pressuring. We should remain active, productive, and also creative to survive during this difficult situation. Why we should remain creative?

Quoting from the Abbasource video with the title Borderless Imagination – “when this plague is confined in our bodies and courtyard, ideas and imaginations are never cooped up.”

It means even we spend most of our time at home, our ideas and imagination should never die. We must still be productive and creative at home. There are many things that we can do, for example, participate in online courses, adopt a new hobbies, even try to formulate a new food recipe, and others.

To find ideas to innovate can be a slow process. Do give yourself ample time and to recall the goals you had – what you wanted to do and how much you’ve already done to achieve them. It can certainly help you to bring back the strong desire to actively be creative again.

When you find that desire, do continue to think, learn, create and to do whatever it is to make you grow beyond the limits of your imagination. And when this pandemic is over, we will definitely become a greater person who have succeeded to beat this fear of boredom among all other difficulties.

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