Zulyo: Material Uniqueness and Craftmanship Are The Key Elements That Will Allow Indonesia to Enter The Global Furniture Market

This is not the first time Zulyo Kumara Pratama Putra has won a design competition. Previously, he won several design competitions, one of them allowed Zulyo to attend a course at the Marangoni design school, Italy. His work has also been exhibited at the Salone del Mobile 2018.

“But OCIC 2019 is different because we were given the opportunity to meet manufacturers who are specialized in producing products that are according to my designs,” said Zulyo.

Zulyo is an Alumni of ISI (Indonesia Art Institute) Yogyakarta said that most design competitions look only at one angle.  For example, they only focus on design and not the final product that will be commercially sold internationally. While OCIC (Open Call Indonesia Creation) allows young designers to explore their creativity, Abbasource as the organiser of OCIC also ensures that the respective winners are given an opportunity to work with the respective manufacturers to make the final furniture prototype.

In addition, Abbasource also ensures that the respective winners get a chance to commercially sell their products overseas through various furniture exhibitions around the world. “Honestly, young designers are lacking in their ability to take their creation to another level especially in looking for the right manufacturer to produce their products. They also do not have the necessary funding to commercialize their creation and to sell their respective products overseas. media to create good things.

Abbasource is indeed an ideal partner comprising of professionals who are serious about making sure that Indonesia products can really sell around the world and thereby assist many companies to garner good recurring business internationally. Abbasource is a new ecosystem that inspires young designers to explore beyond our wildest dreams and concepts.

Thus, they are indeed a great platform for all designers and not only the “diva designers” who are already successful,” said Zulyo.

Designers have the flexibility to explore details and revise them in consultations with curators at Abbasource. After designing, Abbasource provides the necessary support to allow the designers to meet with the maker so that they can realize the design and to turn it into an actual prototype before it is commercially sold to the world’s market “Most Indonesian designers do not have the access to good producers who can produce large quantities with a consistent quality especiallyto meet the demands of the global market,” added Zulyo.

Separately, lets briefly introduce Zulyo, he has a formal education in interior designing where he graduated in 2013.  Though he worked as an interior designer but his passion was always to focus on furniture designs. He eventually worked for a design firm and then he decided to build his own brand in the area of furniture design.

“I want to introduce Indonesian local materials, especially wood and rattan into premium products that can be exported,” he added. He is very optimistic as he feels that any product that has the element of Indonesian craftmanship with local materials can easily be accepted in foreign markets.  Foreign products do have this unique combination.

Zulyo designed a table named Prau and became one of the 2019 OCIC winners. The philosophy behind the prau is in the shape of a boat combined with the motion and  the speed of the boat. This, he feels will become “a movement” to bring Indonesian works abroad.

“Prau emphasizes on using local woven craftsmanship. Weaving is an important Indonesian culture. I combine it with metal so that the rattan material do not appear rustic, “explained Zulyo about the product.

In the end it became a table with some really unique details. Indeed,every design has its own complexity and for the Prau, Zulyo was thinking in terms of the ability for mass production. Thus, looking at this angle, he decided not to make a design that is complicated but rather to focus on the details of the design. Details that is inconsistent with Indonesian culture and specialty.

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