Design is Not Only About Ideas, But Function and Comfort Are as important.

Selendang Chair is a design that made Aldi to become the winner of OCIC 2019. This unique furniture design was inspired by observing the flow of a shawl or a scarf – this is an Indonesian fashion accessory. Not only as an accessory, a scarf is also functional for example to hold a baby.

“The idea is that if someone sits in a Shawl Chair, they will feel as comfortable as a baby laying in a sling,” Aldi explained about the ergonomics of design. This design is not only about ideas but seeks to provide function and comfort to the final prototype produced. The Selendang Chair gives Aldi the experience to discuss design, consultation with the curator, and also work with the Abbasource factory networks.

“The big obstacle for young designers to grow in their respective careers is actually about having the budget to make the products that they have conceptualized. Developing products requires the respective funding, especially when the results are needed to be corrected several times until the final products are approved for export internationally,” Aldi said.

However, if this process is managed by Abbasource,  Aldi feels that he and other young designers can concentrate and focus on exploring only the designs rather that waste their respective time in production and marketing of the final products.

In designing products, Aldi explores the uniqueness of traditional Indonesia and combines it with modern designs. Simple but detailed is the typical work of Aldi’s products.

Aldi is extremely honored be entrusted by Abbasource to make several products that are planned to be displayed in Salone del Mobile 2021. Other of Aldi’s works include the Honai Table, Saron Console, Wiru Dining Table, Mirror Mirror, Pizza Morror, Tirta Chair, and Tirta Table.

Regarding the selection of materials, Aldi is an expert in presenting local ingredients into products that are favored by the international market. Of course, this is in consultation with Abbasource curators and with various approved factories.

“There is a sense of honor for being able to contribute to a world-class furniture design exhibition,” Aldi said about Salone del Mobile. He is optimistic that the Indonesian furniture ranges can be accepted by the commercial world market if managed by Abbasource team.

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