Old Buildings in Europe; Depositors of Stories and Foreign Exchange Earners

A new way of life to stay creative at home continues because the number of infected Covid-19 has not decrease. Abbasource keeps updating and also encourage creative people to continue to be innovative through their designs. Wednesday, May 6, 2020, Abbasource held an IG Live streaming session, featuring Indra Febriansyah, Architectural Restoration alumni, Universita Degli Studi di Roma 3, Italy with Titik Kartitiani, journalist and editor at Abbsource.com.

“As I like travelling, I decided to study overseas especially looking at universities in Italy. I am in love with Rome, “Indra said, starting the discussion. Rome has an abundant of old buildings with a narration that has attracted Indra and also many other travelers whom visited the city. It’s means, the more people come, foreign exchange from tourism flows into the country without having to reduce their existing natural resources.  Many people just like Indra, who later decided to stay longer to study and live in Rome. The course that Indra choose was unique indeed and this is in the area of architectural restoration.

“I begin my study using Rome city as my laboratory,” Indra said. That is, every corner of Rome becomes the subject of study in his lectures. Every building, material, and relief there is studied in detail. Indra said, that the basic concept of a building restoration is to improve the functions of the building in accordance with current needs without having to change the shape and architectural of the building.

Related to this restoration, old buildings can actually be used for various things ranging from museums, theater buildings, cafes, and even housing without changing its architecture. Only functions added, for example, adding a comfortable toilet, power lines, and other functions.

“The point is not to damage the architecture and history. The older the building, the more complicated the restoration, “said Indra. The complexity, for example, when there are reliefs or wall paintings that are no longer intact, the restoration must understand its origin. Even the material must be made as closely as possible with the material used at the time the building was made.

“So, to study Architecture Restoration, we need to study history first,” said Indra. Restoring without understanding history will certainly be damaging. When asked the function of the old building, Indra explained that the old building is history for a city besides being a tourist attraction.

Many things can be “read” from an old building. Quoting the words of Yori Antar, senior Indonesian architects, the founder “wrote” history and science not only by writing on palms, parchments, or books but also on cave walls, cloth motifs, up to historic buildings.

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