Abbasource Bedroom Makeover Package with a very Affordable Price

Abbasource continues to be creative with quality products at affordable prices and we recently launch a bedroom package. Realistically, it is possible to make a quality product with an affordable price. How can we make a product with low price?

Basically, Abbasource has a wide network of vendors who are able to design and produce goods efficiently, therefore reducing the cost price. Thus, how can Abbasource help to makeover your bedroom? Initially, the design is provided with no charge especially for rearranging student boarding rooms. Then we pick unique furniture items from our collection to be used in the respective design. What kind of package does Abbasource present ?

First, we provide a queen size bed (160x200x120cm) with plywood material and HPL finishing with a price of Rp 6.25 million. This includes a mattress with a good quality that comes with the bed. Especially for boarding-house residents who live alone, this bed is very comfortable and meets the expectation of various room designs.

Beside the bed, there is a bedside table with a size of 40x45x60cm, it looks unique and it is suitable for storing things. The material is made of plywood with a HPL finish. Residents can also have the flexibility to adjust the color of the bed with the price range of only Rp. 1.25 million.

Furthermore, no less important are the desk and chair the room. Abbasource provides work desks that are made of plywood together with respective edgy designed drawers. The design is contemporary and is very delicate. The size is 160x60x75cm, perfect for learning and also designing creative work. The price is Rp 2.25 million.

Combined with ergonomic and functional working chairs, a comfortable backrest is also important to prevent backaches. The size of the chair is also of a right configuration (55x60x90cm) so that one can sit for long hours. The colors used will be in accordance to the design of the room and the combination of other furniture at a price range of Rp 2.3 million.

Finally, a three-door wardrobe for storing clothes and other items are included. The cabinet with sliding doors is made of plywood so it saves space and looks luxurious. The price of the cabinet is Rp 7.5 million. This cabinet is multi-functional, besides putting clothing or other items, it acts as a wall in the room too.

The “Kost” bedroom package with items ready to be used is priced at Rp 12 million only. Not to worry, the products from Abbasource are definitely of impeccable quality and the design is unique as well. Furthermore, If you want to decorate room with other items such as lights or accessories, you are welcome to visit our store and choose from the wide ranges of furniture and assessories that are available.

The size can be adjusted to be suit to your respective room. So, do hurry as stocks are limited and we will serve customers, based on a first come first serve basis!

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