Salone del Mobile 2020 has been Cancelled, Abbasource has Actually Completed All The Required Preparations

The Salone del Mobile 2020 which was planned to be held on April 21st-26th 2020 has been officially canceled by the Salone del Mobile committee and instead, postponed to next year April 13-18th 2021. Abbasource plans to continue to attend the most prestigous event in the world by displaying quality products and this include OCIC winners 2019. Overall, Abbasource’s preparations to participate in the event has been completed and all furniture to be displayed, produced as planned.

“The various designs of the respective OCIC 2019 winners that we will bring to Milan has already been produced,” said Indra Febriansyah, Abbasource’s Chief Community Officer (CCO). Indra explained, from 5 OCIC winner, 4 designs have been completed, such as “Selendang” by Vincentius Aldi Masella, “Prau” by Zulyo Kumara Pratama Putra, “Tresna Chair” by Emil Miladi Muhammad, and “Tongkonan” by Arif Zainudin.

Furthermore, one of the works was successfully modified into a knock down format so that it can easily be packaged for export purposes. While the “Uma” day-bed by Muhammad Alfatha Kurniadi was reluctantly disqualified because the designer did not meet the design revision deadline.

As information, Aldi as the main winner of OCIC 2019 will be given the opportunity to go to Milan under the Abbasource sponsorship. All have been prepared and produced as required and will continued to be
installed in the next year 2021 Salone del Mobile. In terms of design, Aldi also has the opportunity to design other products that would be brought to Milan.  Aldi’s signature designs are Wiron Dinning Table, Honai Dinning Table, Saron Console, Pizza Mirror and Gong Mirror.

 “As a young designer, it is often difficult to find suitable factories and of course the market that will absorb our design creation. Abbasource truly helped connect all the dots, “said Aldi. He hopes, he will gain experience and design inspiration in Milan. Even though Salone del Mobile has been cancelled this year 2020, all the products will be displayed and marketed by Abbasource in various events once Covid-19 passes. It will also be placed in Abbasource’s online stores. All these efforts are in line with

Abbassource commitment to assist young designers to enhance their career in the design field. These include design consultation, curation of each product designs to the production of the actual products – produced by Abbasource network of factories up to the marketing of the respective
products to the world via exhibitions and our web store.

Please also note that the respective 2019 OCIC works will be brought to the Salone del Moblie 2021 along with new OCIC 2020 winner which will be reopened in the middle of this year.

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