Indonesian Handmade Products, What Are The Opportunities for The Global Markets?

When people ask what are Indonesia’s strengths in furniture?  The common answer from designers as well as furniture business owners  – it is in the craftmanship.  Diana Nazir an interior designer attests that the Indonesian handmade and craftmanship market respectively are still wide open.

“Indonesia is rich in woven shapes, carved shapes, as well as clay pottery,” he said. Not only Diana, Baskoro Junianto, curator and design lecturer also said the same thing.

“Handmade products are starting to rise again with a more modern face,” he said.

After displaying at world-class exhibitions, we can establish that Indonesian products that are handcrafted are well liked by consumers. Based on experience and participation at the Salone del Mobile, it is recorded that products made from wood and employs the touch of a hand are most favored by customers. Woven products are also popular.

Baskoro added, designers must be sensitive to the market. In just one region, for example Jakarta, the respective consumers’ tastes are different. West Jakarta and South Jakarta are distinctly different too.

“By understanding this demographic, the intuitive businessmen and designers will then begin to develop this business,” he explained.

Also, looking at the world’s market, European and American markets are clearly different in their needs. But overall, we can deduce that the handmade market is increasing. As written in research from IMARC, a business research institute in America writes that the world handicraft market in 2018 will reach US $ 583.4 million and that number continues to increase.

Handicraft by definition is a product made by hand using simple tools and represents the culture and traditions of a country or region. These products employ hands-on expertise and accuracy in making them.  Furthermore, these handmade products represent the makers and each person has characteristics that are not similar.

If we review these market opportunities, Indonesia has the opportunity and advantage especially in this handicraft industry. Handmade-based industry has an important role in the development of SMEs as it does not require too large capital and involves a large workforce that helps eliminate the issue of unemployment.

The goal of handmade products for the consumers is to curate for unique products and quality made from natural materials that are environmentally friendly. In addition, it is also to enhance the uniqueness of art and culture of Indonesia as an artistic country. These handmade phenomenal are therefore not owned by any manufacturer or large industries.

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