Wealth of Weaving in the Ngaben Ceremony in Bali

Weaving for Indonesia has been a part of life since ancient times. Not only those recorded in the history, but also the traditions that can still be seen today. There is a variety of weaving wealth that is part of the death ceremony in Bali, Ngaben or Palebon.

Weaving comes in a variety of forms, from functional weaving such as food containers and offerings to symbolic weaving. Abbasource documents various forms of symbolic weaving with the complexity and special expertise of its heirs.

“The Balinese believe that there is a Universe in the human body. There are plants, animals, stars, and objects that are all around us, “said Cokorda Sawitri, a cultural person in Bali, the daughter of a nobleman at Puri Sidemen, Karangasem, Bali.

Cokorda said that the Universe was symbolized in the woven included in the ceremony that was held. This woven material made from coconut (young coconut leaves) is woven with precision and special techniques so as to present the shape of animals, celestial objects, plants, to the door. The forms of woven are tied in one big tie. The presence of this woven is needed as a completeness for a large ceremony that presents thousands of people.

“In Puri itself, not everyone can weave like this. There is expertise that is passed down from one person to another, “Cokorda said.

When we see it directly, these shapes can be interesting interior elements. As an installation art that presents traditional works. The development is still needed in accordance with the interests of design without compromising its noble values. For example, the development and placement must consult with customary stakeholders who know whether or not a ceremony element is used for other functions, for example interior.

Furthermore, adopting from the woven technique exhibited for these symbols, there is an opportunity to present it as furniture elements. For example in making artwork using the same woven technique but using different materials to make it more durable. Its size can be made larger so that it can be an element of the room.

The Ngaben ceremony in Bali, especially for the nobles, took a long time to prepare. There are many rituals and ritual elements that are made at least 1 month before the burning day. Some even come up to 2 months before D-day. Details and weaving techniques are widely used here, designers can collect these techniques for further development.

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