The Chair with the Concept of Love

Miladi Muhammad is one of the young designer who won the competition Open Call Indonesia Creation (OCIC) 2019. With his chair design known as “Tresna”, he succeeded to bring his design creation to the biggest furniture fair in the world; Salone del Mobile in Milan Italy.

“Abbasource was established to assist young designer to develop their talent and market their products globally,” explained a guy commonly known as Emil. He represents other young designers who often find obstacles to meet the right manufacturers to produce the design works that they have created respectively. Not only in the production but also the sales network to market the products made is an obstacle for many young designers who want to sell their products locally or overseas. This includes the huge investment needed to market at large exhibition such as Salone del Mobile.

“Salone del Mobile from what I gather is one of four major design exhibitions in the world. The products displayed there are surely of very good quality and standing. Thus, this prestige has become a good testimony for me as a young designer, “said Emil. Salone del Mobile is the ultimate design benchmark and trendsetter in the global design market so this becomes an important reference for designers respectively.

Regarding the products of his work, Emil explained about his chair creation that was inspired by the Central Javanese proverb, witing tresno jalaran saka kulinawhich means falling in love because one gets used to it. This philosophy is implemented in the form of a chair, two parts that meet each other, interact, and ultimately together love develops out of habit. The result would be two symmetrical shapes becomes as one.

Even the color of the chair he was inspired by The Central Java bridal dress color that is black and gold. The bride is of course expressed as love in this chair concept design.

“I use rattan and hollow iron,” Emil said. According to him, rattan material is a material that is very flexible and can be shaped beautifully. In addition, the rattan material is timeless, durable, has the potential to develop shapes without limits. Rattan can also be bent to all respective axes.

Therefore, rattan is indeed an asset of the Indonesian furniture industry to the global market. It is important to make a product that is acceptable internationally, Emil argues by simplifying his design so that it matches the global market. The design has to be simple, elegant, and not wasteful of material.

“I choose natural rattan for my simplified design so that rattan producer can sell it at reasonable prices. I totally support local rattan as my preferred choice of material,”Emil said.

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