CoWorking Space Answering Millennial and Creative Industry Need

The way people work has changed over the years. Previously, people used to go to work everyday to the same office in the specific of time. But in this young generation, they seem prefer to work in an open space area where they can explore their creativity with more flexible time.

Especially to the Millennial generation, they are perfectly suited to choose non-traditional career journeys and explore entrepreneurship while staying dedicated to their work. According to a survey from IDN times in “Indonesia Millennial Report”, 55.4% Millennial want to be an entrepreneur. That is mean seven out of ten millennials has a business spirit.

The data shows the greatest motivation for millennials to become entrepreneurs is because they can determine their own jobs they want. Being self-employed or running a small business allows people to have a better career control.

Besides having full control over his career, being an entrepreneur also makes millennial more flexible in terms of working hours. Because they are responsible for themselves, it is easier for them to divide their time between work and social life.

According to a new survey from FreshBooks, 96% of self-employed professionals have no desire to return to a “regular job”. And 70% of them say that being self-employed gives them a better work-life balance. Self-employment is a way to create more than a job, instead creating a path to greater satisfaction and fulfillment. This is what drives many entrepreneurs, especially millennials, decided to become one of them.

From the data above,  one of the benefits being self employed is flexible working hours. Which mean we dont have to work in certain places and hours. The existence of co-working space helps answer the needs of millennial entrepreneurs and self employed.

Nowadays, coworking spaces trends are increasing globally including in Indonesia. At the moment, coworking spaces have grown at a rate of 200% over the past five years, and the trend is projected to increase continuously.

Coworking is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, and growing companies that want to save on overhead costs. Renting or owning your own dedicated office space involves a massive investment of time, money, and resources.

Open floor plans attract and increase productivity for interactive people and groups, while quiet zones and private alcoves allow space for others to work on their own. Members of coworking spaces are encouraged to respect designated talking and quiet spaces to help their fellow co-workers remain focused and on task.

Unlike traditional offices, you have more chances to engage and socialize with different members from different backgrounds. Moreover, co-working spaces often held different community events to support their community and members; which could be the chance for you to enlarge your networks!

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