Story From Marangoni: Its the time for Designers to Collaborate and not to Compete with each other

Zulyo Kumara, one of the winner of Open Call Indonesia Creation (OCIC) 2019, recently told Abbasource about his journey from the short course at the Instituto Marangoni, Milano. Previously, Zulyo’s product design has passed the stringent curation process to take part in the Salone del Mobile 2018. Then he went on to join the selection held by CASA to be given an opportunity to study at the Instituto Marangoni.

“I gained a lot of knowledge from my trip there especially about the essence of being a designer,” Zulyo said. The intensive course that he attended gave him the conclusion especially about the challenges as a designer to bring Indonesian designs to “another level”. He said, before studying in Milan, his design were based on what he envisioned. Unfortunately this was a totally wrong concept as a product designer.

“Designers should take the position as a problem solver. We must design something ideal, and not be selfish, “said Zulyo. From this experience, he was able to see that selfishness was not the essence of the design itself.

Being abroad, he was also able to see Indonesia’s potentials more clearly. Indonesia indeed has strength in it’s diversity. Whether it’s the diversity of materials, skills, and craftmanship, this diversity according to Zulyo, can be brought to the global market.

Not all countries have the potential as big as Indonesia especially in terms of diversity. The main problem is with the mindset of each individual designer. Zulyo was comparing this with the mindset of designers in Italy who prioritize collaboration as being much more important than any design competition.

“In Italy, fellow designers and brands are very confident to collaborate with each other,” Zulyo added. He gave an example of well-known brands such as Capellini and B&B that represent themselves as “Italy” not as a brand even though in the creative process and the production were still respectively under the name of the brand concerned.

The mindset of Italian designers have always been a singular vision to grow together, build together, build common interests, then going global under one name, known as an Italian brand.

In Indonesia, the education has now begun, although not simultaneously. Especially for young designers, the concept of collaboration has been evolving to build a product together. If one gets the chance to design for a foreign company, then this millennial designer will try to bring local distinctiveness to the final product design. Hopefully in the future, the synergy between designers, industry, and brands work well together so as to create an ideal and optimal design.

Salone del Mobile is one of the biggest exhibitions in the world. There, brands create and innovate.  Zulyo hopes that he could be given an opportunity to be in Salone with his products in June 2020, he would then get an inspiration to build a synergy of an ideal and optimal design for his product development.


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