OCIC Bringing Millennial Indonesia Designers To The Global Market

Millennials are known for being creative, innovative and even futuristic work. The future of Indonesian design is in the millennial and the younger generation. In creating a specific design, they have a capacity for unlimited imagination and energy. However, to make a product sellable in the marketplace, the millennials do not have access to a distribution channel or business network.

Abbasource was established to build an ecosystem with the purpose to bring designers and local industries to global markets. To realize this vision, Abbasource held OCIC (Open Call Indonesia Creation) 2019, to provide millennial with an opportunity to create designs specifically for tables and chairs.

5 designers were selected as winners at this competition and their designs were made into actual prototypes courtesy of Abbasource.  These prototypes are produced according to Abbasource’s international standards and will be displayed and marketed at the Salone del Mobile, Milan from the 21st April to 26th April 2020.

Everyone has one’s own creative processes.  Aldi’s creative process was developed when he collected many ideas from his daily inspirational journey. Every time he came up with an idea, he would immediately make a sketch, although he has no clue on how he can realize the sketch into an actual product.

“My designs will always have an element of Indonesia. Furniture must have an identity and I make sure that there is an Indonesian identity in all furniture that I design, “said the alumni of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning, Sepuluh November Institute of Technology, Surabaya.

The concept he submitted at OCIC was a chair called “Selendang”. A customary item derived from the Melayu community in Indonesia.  This Seledang  design was inspired by looking at an Indonesian mother who prefers holding a baby in a shawl like cloth.  According to Aldi, this chair will be as comfortable as a baby held in a shawl.

“After my design passed by the curator, there was a design consultation session,” he said. The Abbasource team held an interviews and design consultations session to connect designers with industries that can realize these products.

The difficulties of millennial and young designers who do not have a network to the factory are answered at OCIC. Aldi feels that he has an opportunity for his limitations, now Aldi’s design is in the process of production at the factory.

“Of course this opportunity at OCIC was great especially for a young designer like me. The Salone del Mobile exhibition really gave me a chance to expose my designs to the international market, build network, and also be inspired especially to meet other overseas famous designers, “said Aldi enthusiastically. After winning OCIC,  Aldi feels that he has tremendous opportunities by working with Abbasource.

This opportunity is certainly open to young designers who want to follow in Aldi’s footsteps. Through Abbasoure.com and in the co creator zone platform, designers or makers can register to become members and upload their best designs and works, and together with Abbasource bring Indonesia to the global market.

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