Rattan Flexibility

Rattan, hearing this material, most Indonesians consider to be something old and out of date, not suitable for current designs. Therefore, this material is rarely used for premium products.

But lately, that reality has turned around. Indonesia’s opportunity to be able to compete with global markets is to see the potential and uniqueness of Indonesia, especially in terms of material wealth. Millennial designers start doing this, one of them is Zulyo Kumara, the designer who won OCIC 2019 to present his design at the Salone del Mobile 2020 in Milan, April.

“Rattan is one of Indonesia’s wealth. Indonesia is the largest rattan producer in the world, “said Zulyo.

80% of the world’s rattan is supplied from Indonesia, the rest is produced by other countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, and other Asian countries. According to data from the Ministry of Industry, rattan producing regions in Indonesia, such as Kalimantan, Sumatra, Sulawesi and Papua, have a potential of around 622,000 tons / year.

In terms of friendliness to the environment, rattan is more friendly because there is no need to cut down trees. Villagers can plant directly from the forest without reducing its population. Rattan can grow fast after planting.

In terms of material properties for making furniture, rattan has a flexibility that is not owned by wood so that it can be created in various forms. One of them is Zulyo’s table called Prau. The main material is rattan and glass. Philosophically, Prau means boat that will bring Indonesian products to the world class by choosing rattan material.

“The way we design and use rattan as our material, people could think that rattan is not an old material anymore,” said Zulyo.

Being able to show rattan to look modern especially not only in visual design but also in its craftmanship. Thus, the ability of the Nusantara rattan weavers combined with the flexibility of this material makes the designer able to work without limits. Rattan can be bent, arched, sliced into woven with diverse patterns. In fact, each region in Indonesia has a characteristic rattan wicker itself.

In addition, on modern finishing. The latest technology will change the appearance of rattan into a modern masterpiece which will be adored by international market.


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