“PRIHAL” The 20 Years Journey of Andra Matin

Andra Matin’s designs are known for their clean and modern approach to architecture. The works of Andra Matin have been a constant reflection of contemporary take on traditional values that are based on its context and its sensitivity to the environment.

Aside from his architectural projects, Andra Matin is also one of the founders of Arsitek Muda Indonesia (AMI  or better known in English as Young Architects of Indonesia), and has been an integral part of Indonesia’s architecture.

His latest  installation titled Elevation has been granted a Special Mention Award at the 16th Venice Biennale, for its traditional sense and its contemporary values. Inspired by his great love of travel, Andra Matin continues to search out for more knowledge and experiences, in order to further contribute to the evolution of the architecture of Indonesia.

Established in 1998, Andra Matin’s works, ranges from residential, hospitality, office, museum, park, commercial to exhibition spaces. To celebrate 20 years of his career as an architect, he held the exhibition named “Prihal”

Prihal is an architectural exhibition that displays a collection of ideas and designs by Andra Matin. The ideas are gathered together in the Gallery A and Galeri B in the National Gallery, Central Jakarta. The exhibition was officially opened on 27 November and will be available until 11 December 2019 and it is open to the public.

In designing the exhibition materials, Andra Matin collaborated with two well-known graphic design studios namely Leboye for graphic identity, and Nusae on the signage system.

This exhibition has two big ideas, the first is the role of Andra Matin’s designs on various dimensions of space in Indonesia, the second is about the creation, management and guidance of architectural design itself.

Andra Matin did not only try to display the invisible situation of architecture from his studio but this exhibition also presents architectural work situations from his ideas and his point of views.

Throughtout its career, Andra Matin has been well-known as one of the design studio that has been showing how common materials can be manipulated into something different, creating a fresh outlook.

On this exhibition, he attempts to show several kinds of materials and its construction that has been a part of his architecture. In the installation space, there are customized openwork bricks that have been employed in several of projects, stacked massively for the visitors to experience. And in the display room, there are materials and architectural elements that have also been used in his designs.

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