ICAD 2019, Factor X

What happens when art collaborates with design?  This was the initial idea when ICAD (Indonesia Contemporary Art and Design) was formulated and founded.  At this exhibition, any creative artist can present his or her works without any pressure from the society.

“Art is an expression while design is a solution,” said Diana Nazir, founder of ICAD. Both of them usually cannot be united. An artist’s expression is not the solution of a problem that can be solved by design. Therefore, ICAD intention is to present both in “one stage”.

The exhibition is presented in three categories; In Focus, Next gen, and Special Appearance.

“In Focus presents the works of designers from the results of their work processes. Zone in Focus presents visual works to illustrate the mind mapping of 10 ‘maestros’ from various fields.

The designers displaying works in the In Focus zone are Adi Purnomo (architect – Jakarta), Agus Suwage (artist – Yogyakarta), Nirwan Dewanto (writer – Jakarta), Dolorosa Sinaga (artist – Jakarta), Hadiprana (interior designer – Jakarta), FX Harsono (artist – Yogyakarta / Jakarta), Hardiman Radjab (artist – Jakarta), Rinaldy Yuniardi (fashion designer – Jakarta), Syahrizal Pahlevi (artist – Yogyakarta), Tisna Sanjaya (artist – Bandung).

While in the Next Gen zone, there are displays from the works of young artists and designers who have contributed to the development of contemporary designs and arts in Indonesia.  Designers such as Danny Wicaksono (architect – Jakarta), Denny Priyatna (Product designer – Jakarta), Mulyana (artist – Yogyakarta), and Yaya Sung (artist – Jakarta) are featured in this zone.

In addition, for the first time, this year ICAD launch an Open Submission segment. Of the many concepts that were registered, only eight creative impressions were chosen.

ICAD 2019 also presented a number of Special Appearance works, one of which was the work of Angela Ciobanu, a jewelry designer from Romania.

“Finally,  as information, ICAD is truly a great platform for designers to express their works into art design freely without any compromise from clients or any external factors,”  Diana explained.

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