Abbasource is a furniture company based in Jakarta Indonesia serving domestic and global customers. We produce artisan furniture inspired by talented Indonesian designers at affordable prices. Our passion is to provide quality furniture that prioritizes style and comfort in your space, both personal and public.

In personal space, everyone is unique, therefore we also manufacture custom designs according to your specific needs and individual preference.

We also cater to design and build projects, especially to design your space both home and public. First, we present the layout of the room according to your needs, and then focus on comfort that integrates to your daily activities. We hope that the presence of Abbasource in your room can give you meaning to your respective space.

Our Vision

To be the most wanted ecosystem for creative individuals and companies to start and grow their businesses.

Our Mission

To provide creative individuals and companies access to the world market – in essence, to connect creativity to the commercial global marketplace.

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