When you want to become a Member and use the ABBASOURCE website, you will be asked to submit certain personal information to ABBASOURCE (Membership Information). You promise / commit that the Membership Information submitted is true, accurate and complete. The collection of ABBASOURCE information and usage policies regarding the privacy of Membership information is set out in the Site Privacy Policy.

Any Membership Information disclosed can be used by ABBASOURCE.

ABBASOURCE does not guarantee or indicate that your use of the Site will be confidential.

ABBASOURCE is not responsible for any loss that you or anyone may suffer as a result of your breach of confidentiality regarding your use of the Site. When ABBASOURCE has taken precautions to protect the information you transmit to the Site via the internet, ABBASOURCE does not guarantee the security of that information.

Once ABBASOURCE receives a transmission from you, ABBASOURCE will take responsibility steps to maintain the security of that information. You may not disclose any confidential information available to you. When using the Site or dealing with other Site users, you must respect the privacy and other legal rights of Members.

If the Member provides you with user-names, passwords or other login information or personal information from the Member, you must:
  1. Make Members concerned that Personal Information will be available to us; and
  2. Ensuring that by proceeding to transact with you, the Member gives you permission to use the Member's Personal Information; and
  3. Provide privacy notifications to users, recording procedures in Personal Information will be handled by you which is legally sufficient; and
  4. Using Personal Information for limited purposes to which the Member gave permission; and
  5. Handling information in accordance with the provisions of privacy notifications.
If the Member has entered into a separate agreement with you that allow you to store or use the Member's Personal Information directly related to your product, then the terms that separate the agreement will determine you to use that Personal Information. Without limiting pre-existing prevalence / customization, if a user provides you with information about Members' Accounts, you can only use that information to access Member Accounts when, and for the limited purpose for which the user is given you permission to do so.

  1. Matters relating to the treatment of Members' personal information are to follow a separate privacy policy and Members must follow it.
  2. Personal information related to Members will not be used for purposes outside of providing ABBASOURCE information and will not disclose or give it to any third party at all. Except in the following cases:
    1. Delegation of production work, operations, etc. related to ABBASOURCE to vendors.
    2. Send e-mails to Members if it is considered necessary to contact Members in an emergency for ABBASOURCE issues.
    3. Requested to disclose information related to Members by courts, other judicial institutions and administrative institutions based on applicable laws and regulations.

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