In this Agreement what is meant by
  1. "ABBASOURCE" is a company where Indonesian designers and producers explore their creativity to produce products of good quality and commercialized to the global market.
  2. "Management" is the manager of ABBASOURCE who carries out day-to-day operations of the company in relation to all relevant stakeholders.
  3. "Member" means an individual or business entity / legal entity that submits an application to join as a member and has been approved by ABBASOURCE.
  4. "Membership Fees" are membership fees that must be paid by everyone to become a Member.      
  5. "Community" is a network built by the existence of ABBASOURCE.

  1. Join the ABBASOURCE Competition in collaboration with brands and / or manufacturers and / or organizations.
  2. Upon consideration of the opportunity to be appointed by the ABBASOURCE curator to be involved in special project.
  3. For Members whose work passes curation:
    1. Get supervision and guidance from ABBASOURCE.
    2. Get the facilitation of making prototypes.
    3. Get intellectual property management, production management and business management facilitation.
    4. Distributed & Marketed under distribution and marketing channels of ABBASOURCE throughout the world.

Members are prohibited from performing all of the following actions while joining ABBASOURCE.
  1. Use all data, information, text, sound, video, or illustrations obtained through (hereinafter all referred to as "Data and others") for duplicating, selling, publishing, or broadcasting that exceeds the scope of personal use agreed with statutory regulations in the field of Intellectual Property Rights.
  2. Performing actions that break the Intellectual Property Rights, privacy, or the right of publication of third parties or actions that allow the violation to occur.
  3. Defame, damage the good name or credibility of a third party, or create the possibility of this happening.
  4. Selling the rights held as a Member include priority rights for anything obtained based on the benefits of Membership and other rights as a Member to third parties through an internet auction, transferring, lending, and changing the name to a third party, or other guarantee.
  5. Carry out activities aimed at benefiting yourself or a third party by utilizing ABBASOURCE and activities aimed at preparing for this.
  6. Conduct or make ABBASOURCE a practical political place in the form of pre-election campaigns, election campaigns, or actions that can be categorized as practical political actions by utilizing ABBASOURCE.
  7. Performing religious actions including the promotion of religion, the establishment and activities of religious groups, as well as actions related to religious groups, including invitations to join religious groups and so on by utilizing clubs.
Perform actions that violate the law or morality or actions that interfere with the course of ABBASOURCE activities other than those mentioned above.


1. General requirements
You cannot automatically be entitled to become a Member, and ABBASOURCE may, for its discretion, choose:
  1. Decline a request to become a Member; or
  2. Once Membership is granted, ABBASOURCE may suspend, terminate or limit the Membership at any time.
ABBASOURCE is not obliged to give reasons for any decision to suspend, terminate or limit your Membership or to refuse your request to become a Member.
Once a Member, your Membership cannot be transferred to anyone for any reason. Using a username and password is for conclusive proof that you have accessed the Membership section on the Site.

2. Member Type
  1. Those who can become members are individuals or business entities / legal entities.
  2. Individual members must have an Indonesian citizenship.
  3. Members of Business Entity / Legal Entity must be registered in Indonesia.
3. Rights and Obligations of Members
  1. Member Rights
    1. Obtain benefits as a Member, these benefits can be obtained by members proactively. (For full benefits, see the Benefits of becoming a Member)
    2. Once Membership is granted, you have the right and can only access the Co-Creator Zone area of the Site with the username and password you specified when you were a Member.
  2. Obligations of Members:
    1. Paying monthly or annual membership fees according to the type of membership.
    2. Agree to applicable regulations.
    3. You are responsible for any access to or use of the Site that occurs in connection with use with your username and password.
    4. You must use all reasonable efforts to keep your username and password confidential.
    5. You are not permitted to give third parties access to the Site that uses your username and password and make it appear as if the Site is on your behalf.
    6. You must provide written notification as soon as you become aware of any unauthorized use of your Member Account, username or password.

When you become a Member you will have a single account that can be accessed by you.

  1. Each Member can carry out their own activities or collaborative activities with other Members in ABBASOURCE activities.
  2. If a Member will collaborate among Members, it is obligatory to inform ABBASOURCE to be known to ensure that no provisions are violated in relation to such collaboration.

ABBASOURCE may suspend or terminate membership as a Member and deny access to the Member Account immediately, if:
  1. You break the Membership terms or other terms and conditions, agreements, or conditions governing the site;
  2. ABBASOURCE cannot verify or authenticate any information provided by you to ABBASOURCE, when you will become a Member or when using the site; or
  3. ABBASOURCE believes that actions taken by you may result in legal liability for you or other Members or ABBASOURCE;
  4. If you want to officially stop being an ABBASOURCE Member, you must notify ABBASOURCE in writing by email, no later than 14 (fourteen) days before the date of termination;
  5. ABBASOURCE has the right to disregard your request to resign if it is submitted less than 14 (fourteen) days, if this happens you are still considered to have extended your membership and you are required to pay membership fees;
  6. In the event that a Member officially declares to cease to be a Member, membership fees that have been paid to ABBASOURCE will not be refunded before and access to resources owned by ABBASOURCE that are used by Members while joining ABBASOURCE will be officially closed with ABBASOURCE previously will be closed sending official notification to these sources that you have officially ceased to be a Member, therefore you cannot use these sources for your benefit;
In the event that ABBASOURCE chooses to suspend, or terminate or limit your Membership in any form, you may also be prohibited from accessing the Site temporarily or permanently. In this period you also cannot apply for a new Member Account.

  1. Submitting questions related to ABBASOURCE and this ABBASOURCE Membership can be submitted via: Email: info@abbasource.com
  2. Questions outside the matters listed on the ABBASOURCE official website will not be served.
  3. Including all types of information or notifications related to Membership or ABBASOURCE will be done via email to the email address of each Member;
  4. Any information or notification will be considered true if it is done in writing and sent via electronic mail to the specified electronic mail address or other electronic mail address intended for communication. Information or notifications will be deemed sent or delivered according to the date the electronic mail was sent.

  1. Obligations of Members and ABBASOURCE will be deferred if the implementation is hampered by labor disputes, natural disasters / legislation, laws and regulations, wars or circumstances arising from or as a result of war, both stated and unspecified, riots, sabotage by terrorist or other criminal acts, treason or rebellion, drought crisis or extraordinarily bad weather conditions, accidents or other causes for which Members and ABBASOURCE have no knowledge of the event and do not have the power to prevent the occurrence or occurrence of the event.
  2. In the event of a force majeure, Members and ABBASOURCE agree that each party not subject to the force majeure may not submit any lawsuits against the other party affected by the tribe.

If you make use of this Site, the Content, Code, Data or Material on the Site or available through the Site, unless otherwise provided in the Membership Conditions, you may be categorized in violation of Intellectual Property Law and other relevant laws in the Republic of Indonesia and countries other and can be considered as responsibility for acts of unauthorized use.

We control and operate the Site from our office in the Republic of Indonesia. We do not indicate that the material on the Site is appropriate or available for use in other locations. People who choose to access the Site from other locations do so on their own initiative, and are responsible for complying with the laws of the place where they are, if applicable and local laws.

These ABBASOURCE Membership Terms and Conditions apply under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. Where every Member is obliged to obey without conditions.

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